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  • 20 Jan 2014 18:51
    Maintainance on 2014-01-23: Re-launch of DBK and Registration

  • On Thursday, 2014-01-23 from 9:00 AM on (German Time) DBK and the Registration will be upgraded to version 2.0!During this time the systems DBK, ZACAT, and the Registration for DBK/ZACAT will not be available.After release of the new system "Registration 2.0" ZACAT and DBK 2.0 will be available again during the day. With Registration 2.0 you can create an account for the services of DBK, ZACAT, and the new datorium. Already existing accounts for DBK version DBK 1.9 and ZACAT may unfortunately not be used any more. Please fill out a new registration. A new registration is free of charge for users and does require less personal data than before.