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  • 19 Nov 2014 15:09
    German Internet Panel (wave 3) (ZA5868) available

  • Data from the study 'German Internet Panel (wave 3)' are new available under number ZA5868 at GESIS - Data Archive for the Social Sciences.

    Primary researchers of this study are:
    Krieger, Ulrich, Universität Mannheim
    Holthausen, Annette, Universität Mannheim
    Funke, Frederik, Universität Mannheim
    Gebhard, Franziska, Universität Mannheim
    Bossert, Dayana, Universität Mannheim
    Blom, Annelies G., Universität Mannheim
    SFB 884 "Political Economy of Reforms" Universität Mannheim

    Dataset: 1.0.0 (19.11.2014) doi:10.4232/1.12109

    Access class: C - Data and documents are only released for academic research and teaching after the data depositor's written authorization. For this purpose the Data Archive obtains a written permission with specification of the user and the analysis intention.

    More information is available at the data catalogue: study description.