DBK Apps GESIS Server - Software - CBE

DBK Apps GESIS Server - Software - CBE

Search in the codebooks and question texts

The CodebookExplorer is a programme which gives easy retrieval possibilities to interested users for databases of specific topics. Provided with serveral CD-ROMs the CodebookExplorer has the following functions:

  • search for keywords in study or variable descriptions,
  • compare question texts,
  • make simple analysis like frequencies or crosstabs,
  • show questionnaires.

The PC-Version of the CodebookExplorer is distributed with the following databases on cd-rom:

  • German national election studies
  • German regional election studies
  • Childhood, Adolescence and Becoming an Adult
  • Central/Eastern Eurobarometer

The Online Version of the CodebookExplorer (CEI) is not available anymore since the beginning of 2013.The PC version of the CodebookExplorer software can be downloaded here.